a little about me

i am a wife, a mother, a sister, and a friend.  i am a woman with many, many interests. i love to be around positive people and have fun. i am loud and often outspoken, but also appreciate quiet now & then.  my family is my everything and my core group of friends are considered part of my family. i am hungry to learn new things and experience new adventures. i have been given the incredible opportunity to stay home with our 2 young children and work part-time.  through a lot of love, hard work and assistance my business has began to blossom over this last year. my newest adventure is my passion for photography coupled with my need to create.  photography creates emotions by capturing the people and the places we love the most.

i am an outdoor, natural light photographer who is fascinated by people.  their expressions, their laughs, their movements and their interaction with each other.  i have a profound belief that every moment, every movement is a treasure. photography allows me to savor those moments.  remember their movements. 

as your photographer i want to give you the gift of time. a  photograph can stop time; can take you back to a specific moment or a special memory.  it can help you remember a time, a place, a person, a feeling.  to me, that is priceless.  what are your special moments?  would you like to capture them together?


my dandelion philosophy

how many of us have picked up a dandelion and blown the dried seeds?  once the seeds have turned from their bright yellow color to the white/grey whisps, with one big breath we can send their seeds out into the air.  this can be a beautiful sight.  i think it’s magical. 

with each seed that is blown into the air, it eventually lands somewhere and begins to seed another dandelion plant.  this is how the dandelions procreate; without their flowers turning into seeds and blowing to another location, they would not continue to grow. 

i relate this to life; i relate this theory to my life and my business.  i look at my own journey as a dandelion seed that has blown in, planted its roots in someone’s nice lawn and started to grow into a beautiful yellow flower.  some of my neighbors may view me as a weed, and that’s ok because even weeds can be a beautiful plant in the right kind of environment.  as a dandelion, i live out my days in a tight, safe bud then slowly open in the warm sunshine.  dandelions flower in the winter when everything else is cold and dead.  as i age, my seeds turn from a bold yellow to a willowy, grey flower.  with a strong wind or big breath, my seeds will blow away.  then land somewhere else to start all over again.  my seeds, in the literal sense are my children and my family.  they are my legacy.  but my seeds could also be other relationships i have: friends, my job, hobbies, even every day interactions with passersby - good and bad.  my seeds may be an impression i’ve made after meeting someone for the first and only time. (i hope it was a good impression-fingers crossed.) 

i like to think of my passion for photography as a seed.  my wish is the pictures i have taken for friends plant the seed and touch them deeply.  each moment goes by so quickly, it’s impossible to stop time.  i feel like photographing my children, my family and my friends help me hold onto that moment. instead of watching it slip away, i can always go back to that moment and revisit it.  each memory is a seed blowing into the next yard to plant another flower. i like to think all of my seeds are going to be flowers.  beautiful flowers that will make you remember. 

how will you hold onto your moments?