kelsey part 2: her beach look

6 Nov

“are you modeling for sports illustrated or something?” he asked as he approached us on the sand.

“hahah! i wish” she answered and rolled her eyes at him. i just stared at him.

didn’t he understand this was why she was rolling around in the cold surf?  guess not. i guarantee he enjoyed the show. he waited almost an hour before talking to us.  she is beautiful. and funny.  who wouldn’t enjoy it? i sure did. we had some good laughs, that’s for sure.  we also captured some amazing photographs.


Kelsey modeling in blue two piece

kelsey was such a good sport. this water was freezing and she just kept on smiling. never complained – even that wave smacked right into her.  but then again, that is what a professional does. they get the job done. she did.

water splashing


purple bathing suit on the surf shack


kelsey headshot in blue dress


this is the 2nd in a grouping of 4 photo shoots we have done together. kelsey needed to update her headshots. so here are some of them.

i look forward to sharing her other “looks.”  but kelsey, you are definitely bikini model material. that’s for sure! thanks for the fun!! :)

hair and makeup done by the amazing jessica fredrick.

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